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Hunting Season Opener!

Hey Chilly Friends!

Are you prepared The 2019 Hunting Season in Canada? Everyone needs sustainable gear to ensure the best experience possible, we have you covered with high performance coolers, portable fridge-freezers and vacuum insulated drinkware. Our nature inspired designs also go perfect with your camouflage!
                                       Chilly Moose Ice Box 55 liter beside tree on hill
20% Off ALL Chilly Moose Ice Box Coolers until Oct 14th.
Free shipping on orders over $99, and all products ship out the next business day.

Need something that keeps a consistent temperature? More room? Our Portable Fridge-Freezers are ideal at the hunting camp. No ice required and expertly engineered to keep your drinks icy cold and your food crisp and fresh. There are 3 different levels for battery protection. This reduces the chances of depleting your vehicle battery during operation. The operating sound level is below 45 decibels, it provides a quiet and comfortable environment ensure you don't scare the animals!
        Chilly Moose 32 Liter Portable Fridge Freezer Chilly Moose 42 Liter Portable Fridge Freezer Chilly Moose 75 Liter Portable Fridge Freezer Chilly Moose 80 Liter Portable Fridge Freezer
                32L^                      52L^                           75L^                               80L^                 
32L 120V AC / 12V DC / 24V DC - 50 watts per hour
52L 120V AC / 12V DC / 24V DC - 50 watts per hour - 4.17 amps per hour @ 12v
75L 12v, 24v, 110v. - 80 watts or 6.67 amps @ 12vdc
80L 90W or 7.5 amps @ 12vdc
When travelling through the outdoors, we understand it's important that your drink retains it's temperature throughout your journey. Our "Big Pine Canteen" along with our "Portage Canteen" have stainless steel vacuum insulated bodies and a lid which will keep cold drinks hot/cold for 24 hours.
                                Chilly Moose Big Pine Canteen 64oz 

Lastly, to stay up to date on Season dates in your area, you can check the following sites:

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