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Keep The Halloween Spirit Alive With Schomberg Scarecrows

There's nothing that compares to local tradition, and Schomberg, Ontario is no exception. As Halloween is becoming less celebrated, its good to keep the spirit alive in local towns, cities or villages. Schomberg Scarecrows is a great example of a community involved tradition consisting of homemade scarecrows and community voting.


Schomberg Scarecrows encourages everyone in the community to participate in building the most creative and original scarecrows with custom materials and design. This is a fun and festive activity you can do with your family every year. Some people go for a scary approach, while others try and get a kick out of you.


Even if you don't participate in the contest, you can still get involved by voting for your favourite scarecrow!

Keep Halloween alive, it's one of the most creative times of the year!

Vote now, keep updated and check out all of the awesome scarecrow ideas at

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