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The Impact of Reusable Coffee Cups

Hello Chilly Friends!

Most of us here at Chilly Moose are coffee drinkers, probably more than we'd like to admit... Anyways, lets focus on the big picture.

Every year on average, a coffee drinker in Canada will dispose approximately 500 paper cups. If someone starts drinking at age 20, that's 31,000 cups in a lifetime! One reusable cup is the beginning of change. Think of how much waste we can prevent, so simply.

Even if we recycled at a rate of 100%, that wouldn’t be the answer,” explained David McLagan, the Australian-born founder of Ecoffee Cup. “We believe recycling is just a way of allaying consumer guilt." 

We talk a lot about reducing and recycling but we have forgotten about the 3rd R, reusing.

The future of our planet desperately needs us to take action, lets do that. Not only do our vacuum sealed mugs retain heat for much longer than your plain old paper cup, but did you know most coffee shops offer discounts up to 10% if you bring your own coffee cup? Why aren't more people doing this? 

We can:

  • Reduce waste
  • Save money
  • Keep our coffee temperature longer

Seems like a no brainer, right? 



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