Scouts Canada

About Scouts Canada

Kids and young adults in Scouts chart their own path of discovery.

Scouting gives kids something to look forward to and a sense of belonging, allowing them to have fun while challenging them to discover the outdoors, experience adventure and build resilience.

Scouts Canada is the country’s leading co-ed youth organization, offering programming for children and youth aged 5-26 in multiple languages, reflecting Canada’s multicultural landscape and communities. 

Visit Scouts Canada website to find out more about their programs and join today.

Read more about the No One Left Behind Program here



Scout Coffee

Good coffee for a good cause!

What if by buying coffee, you could support your nephew, niece or neighbor? What if that next bag of coffee could support Scouts in learning new skills, making new friends, and becoming better leaders? And what if that coffee was actually, really good coffee? Discover your new favourite coffee here.