Dealer Spotlight: 1st Edition

Dealer Spotlight: 1st Edition

Welcome to the first edition of a new blog series - the Chilly Moose Dealer Spotlight! Each quarter we will feature one of our Dealers and the amazing work they’re doing within their community. It’s a story that can be brand related, a special collab or program, or just something awesome that makes our Dealers extra special in their communities - or any or all of the above!

Our first Spotlight is a business that started in the depths of the Sudbury mines back in the 1950s -  L. May Metal Fabricators Ltd., better known as L. May MFG - the inventors of the famous Miners Lunchbox.




Founder Leo May began as a nickel miner in Sudbury, Ontario in the 1940s. As the story goes, Leo placed his black tin lunchbox on its end and used it as a seat while waiting for the underground elevator “cage” to be lowered. Next thing he knew, he was flat on the ground. Tin lunchbox squashed! Leo May’s ingenuity and inventiveness led to the creation of the most durable (and affordable!) lunchbox that could hold the weight of a person while they ate lunch on the job. He crafted the first Miners Lunchbox on a small workbench out of his basement. The “tuff” lunch boxes have been handmade and hard-working since 1956, and to this day are standard for the mining and construction industry.


With a return and rebrand in 2021, L. May MFG makes lunchboxes of all sizes, and caters to a vast range of markets including construction, fashion, household and promotional. These famous lunchboxes have been featured in movies and TV commercials, and even secured an offer from Dragon Brett Wilson on CBC’s Dragons’ Den.

“It’s more than just a lunchbox’' encapsulates L. May MFG’s commitment to quality, heritage and innovation. Each L. May lunchbox carries with it a personal narrative, becoming an integral part of family lore passed down through generations.



Just as the community has its own stories to share, the L. May brand thrives on collaborations with like-minded businesses to weave a broader narrative. As an authorized Dealer of Chilly Moose since 2022, L. May observed a natural synergy between the products, and their customers showed enthusiastic support by adding Chilly Moose drinkware to their lunchbox orders.

L. May continued to learn about the Chilly Moose brand, values and mission, and felt compelled to explore a collaborative opportunity. With a shared passion for community engagement, preserving Canadian wilderness and giving back in a meaningful way, L. May MFG developed a special initiative that embodies the best of both Canadian brands.

L. May MFG created a limited edition Chilly Moose product in support of Integrity Reforestation, to help rejuvenate Canadian eco-systems ravaged by devastating wildfires and logging. With each purchase of a Chilly Moose x L. May Special Release Tamarack Canister two trees will be planted by Integrity Reforestation in one of these vital regions.

We invite you to learn more about Integrity Reforestation, and L. May MFG’s special initiative, which launches April 24, 2024. 

You can purchase your Chilly Moose x L. May Special Release Tamarack Canister here - thank you for your help in supporting Canadian reforestation!