Fridge Freezer FAQ

 What is the weight of the empty Fridge/Freezer?

35L Empty Weight 18.8 kg / 41.4 lbs
45L Empty Weight  20.8 kg / 45.9 lbs
55L Empty Weight  22.5 kg / 49.6 lbs


What is the Battery Life When Running? ( Battery Not Included )

If the fridge freezer is kept at 5°C and the lid is opened a minimum once an hour the battery should last approximately 8 hours. This is decreased with the frequency the lid is opened and if it is kept at colder temperatures.

Will the Fridge Freezer run without a battery?

Yes, this unit will run without the battery if plugged into a power source like a standard wall outlet or a car adapter plug.

What is the wheel clearance on the Fridge/Freezer units?

The wheels are 5.5" in diameter and 2" wide, they have a 1/4" clearance for the Fridge/Freezer on one side. When lifted by the handle to move the fridge freezer you will have the same clearance. The front which has no wheels sits flatly on the ground when not being lifted by handle.