All Chilly Moose Drinkware Is Lead Safe

Chilly Moose drinkware is compliant with lead safety regulations outlined by the Government of Canada. All Chilly Moose drinkware is manufactured from 304 premium food grade stainless steel.  Our products feature advanced vacuum insulation technology, ensuring beverages remain at optimal temperatures. In our manufacturing process, we use an industry-standard pellet containing some lead to seal the vacuum insulation at the base of our items. However, this sealed area is subsequently covered with a robust stainless steel layer or durable paint, rendering it inaccessible to consumers. It is important to note that no lead is present on the surface of any Chilly Moose product that may come in contact with consumers or the contents of the product.   In the rare occurrence the base cap of a product comes off or the granite tough paint is removed due to ordinary use and exposes this seal, it may be eligible for a warranty replacement.   Please contact us at