Update: The Turtle Protection Project

Update: The Turtle Protection Project

Hundreds of bottles sold, hundreds of turtles protected. 

Six months ago in February 2021 we partnered up with Ontario Parks to help support their Turtle Protection Project initiative by creating a special limited edition 25oz Ontario Parks Turtle Bottle.  

Together, with you and our friends at Ontario Parks we have been able to help hundreds of Ontario's vulnerable turtle population. 

With the donations they have been able to provide new nest coverings, restoring nesting sites, expand existing homes and provide additional education and signage for locals and visitors of the parks. 


There are currently six active projects across Ontario:

  1. Kawartha Highlands Signature Site
  2. Balsam Lake Provincial Park
  3. Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park
  4. Prequi'ile Provincial Park
  5. Pinery Provincial Park
  6. Grundy Lake Provincial Park

Kawartha Highlands Signature Site

  • Community scientists and park staff have been able to prevent seven turtle nests from being destroyed thanks to donations which enabled them to purchase material for 50 nest protection covers. 

Balsam Lake Provincial Park

  • Restoring nesting sites where they were once lost 
  • Re-establishing habitats that are critical 
  • Created engaging materials to communicate with the public 

Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park

  • Staff are currently constructing an artificial nesting site to provide a safe place for local turtles to lay eggs 

Presqu'ile Provincial Park

  • Expanding existing mounds for turtles to lay their eggs 

Pinery Provincial Park

  • Creating signage in high traffic areas of the park to engage with visitors and raise awareness for them to contribute towards keeping the turtles safe 

Grundy Lake Provincial Park

  • Educational display bringing awareness to the native turtle species and habitat found in the park
  • The display is located at the Pakeshkag Lake Trail, which was previously a road but was transitioned into a trail to help protect the turtles who nest along it. The trail is opening later in 2021.   



Ways to donate:

Purchase a 25oz Ontario Parks Turtle Bottle, Call 705-313-2462 or email opdonations@ontario.ca to support the turtles with a donation today!


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