Chilly Moose x Ontario Parks -- The Turtle Protection Project

Chilly Moose x Ontario Parks -- The Turtle Protection Project

The Turtle Protection Project 



We are excited to announce our new partnership with Ontario Parks to help support The Turtle Protection Project. 

Did you know? Ontario has eight turtle species, all of them are at risk. 

The two main causes?

  1. Traffic 
  2. Natural predators & everyday risks 


 It is estimated that less than 2% of turtle hatchlings survive into adulthood. 

Due to threats like habitat loss, predator and vehicle collisions Ontario's turtle numbers are decreasing at an alarming rate.   

We want to help protect our turtles and by purchasing one of our Special Edition 25oz Ontario Parks Turtle Bottle you can help too!

                             25oz Ontario Parks Turtle Bottle25oz Ontario Parks Turtle Bottle

All proceeds from the sale of each Turtle Bottle go directly to the Ontario Parks Turtle Protection Project. 

The money raised will directly fund on-the-ground solutions - like nest coverings and wildlife crossings - and will help conduct research to protect vulnerable native turtles throughout Ontario Parks.  


For more ways to donate call 705-313-2462 or email 

You can read more about the Ontario Park's Turtle Project and other ways to contribute by visiting the Ontario Parks Blog