Chilly Moose 75L Wheeled Explorer Ice Box cooler, in Limestone White, customized with decal under the Chilly Moose logo


Customized Chilly Moose high performance Coolers and insulated Drinkware will help boost your brand and create a lasting impression with your clients and employees.





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Supply and Reward with Chilly Moose Gear Let us help your employees and clients to help you. Amongst the plenty of reasons to deck out your employees with corporate gifts, it offers great significance and meaning on both the individual and company level. Gifts are one of the love languages that communicate a desire to maintain and enhance a relationship. It speaks on the importance of gratitude and offers an outlook on the future of the current relationship. The feeling of a recipient upon receiving an unexpected gift leaves a lasting impression. Who doesn’t like to receive a surprise as a token of appreciation? In turn, you can boost the culture of care, increase productivity, increase brand value, nurture relationships, raise brand awareness, increase sales, and boost morale under challenging situations. Your Business Offers You What Now? The best corporate gifts are personalized and thoughtful. Tumblers and Coolers are a growing universal market that attracts opportunities for outdoor adventure activities and active experiences. To promote healthy living both physically, mentally, and emotionally, offering your employees this unique gift will be one they will appreciate. Our high-quality products will surprise your employees and clients and will be a gift they can use for life. Canada Strong As a proud Canadian brand, you can partner with the vision of supporting Canadian values and promoting the Canadian outdoors. There’s so much of the outdoors that Canada has to offer. With our long-lasting products, you can protect wildlife and natural habitats by combating the issue of single-use plastics. In addition, we desire to make a lasting impression on the future generations to adhere to responsible living, starting with the choice of drinkware we use. As a couple, our story begins with being instilled values from our hardworking parents to invest in high-quality, long-lasting gear at a reasonable price. Along with our love for the outdoors and desire to maintain natural habitats, we created a lie of products that speak on these values. We have a deep appreciation and connection with the outdoors that we allow our clients to experience with every Chilly Moose product. Our Products More than just a pen, flash drive, or coaster, give employees something they can use both in and outside the office. This is where you can get creative and thoughtful. Give them something high quality, functional, trendy, and uniquely personalized with one of our drinkware or cooler products. Our custom drinkware offers various options such as insulated tumblers, coffee mugs, can insulators, and water bottles. The top-tier insulation technology allows drinks to be kept hot or cold for hours. Choose from a range of iconic Canadian colors and styles that best fits the recipient. To express special care and appreciation, give one of our custom coolers built with strength and durability. The coolers are built with granite-tough durability and come in an array of sizes and colors. Chilly moose products Gifting one of our products will boost your brand. Use them to drive your next marketing initiative for higher performance and results. Tumblers and coolers have been a recent growing trend and crowd favorite because of their ability to be a purchase that lasts and maximizes the price you pay for. They are quite versatile. People will find themselves carrying around travel drinkware for any occasion, whether at school, work, the gym, hiking, traveling, etc. Also, with the drink industry growing by the day, more people need a reliable and straightforward way to carry their beverages. The Best Ways to Gift Corporate gifting is creating a point of interaction between your business and stakeholders by sending gifts. A solid corporate gifting strategy is something worth considering to stand out. For example, one thing you can do is to take 100 high-value clients. Investing in them can add to your business more than just spreading attention to 100,000, whom many might not offer much value to. The last thing corporate gifting should be seen as is bribery. You want to assure the receivers that it comes with no strings attached. Marketing gifts add a special touch that emails cannot quite get at. You can separate yourself from the crowd and have the flexibility to send anything. Sales prospecting gifts are a tool to turn leads into customers. Send gifts after a meeting or event. Sending a gift they can use for everyday purposes like drinkware can keep you on their mind daily. Gifts for clients are a great way to pamper the ones you want most for customer retention. Loyal customers are willing to spend more as a business. Therefore, retention costs a lot less than customer acquisition. Gifts for employees create a pleasant workplace experience and environment. At best, gifts can motivate employees to bring their best efforts to help a business achieve its goals. Knowing that your company cares about you and supports you will drive the very best out of you. Reflect Quality and Care What you offer as promotional items and gifts speaks volumes about your company’s core values and internal care. Countries with deeply embedded gift-giving cultures have higher reports of employee satisfaction and customer relationships. In addition, sharing in this culture will spread an image that you are a charitable, giving company. You will be surprised at how simple a gift can go. When you can’t be there with your employees or clients in person, keep your image alive and on their minds. Beyond a tumbler, travel mug, or cooler, the act of giving a gift serves as a gesture of care because it shows that you are n on someone’s mind. Words can offer a great benefit but a physical representation that you can hold in your hands can feel so much more real and meaningful. As a sweet surprise, one can feel beyond cherished. Choose Chilly Moose for Your Next Corporate Gift Event! Give your employees and clients something they will remember. Gift them high-performing Chilly Moose products to express your care and boost your company. With the Chilly Moose drinkware and cooler collection, you offer the very best quality while adding a little bit of adventure to their lives.