At Chilly Moose, we know life is about enjoying adventures to the fullest and creating amazing memories with family and friends. In order to do that, you need premium outdoor gear that will last a lifetime.

The problem is, for the money you've spent on other brands, you're just not getting the quality you deserve, which leaves you feeling disappointed and frustrated by subpar products that don't perform and don't look good. We firmly believe your cold items should stay cold and your warm items should stay warm - it's as simple as that.

We understand how difficult it is to find outdoor gear that looks great, performs well, and that you enjoy using without breaking the bank. As a husband and wife duo, our Canadian business has grown from our kitchen table to serving the nation coast to coast to coast. With partners such as Ontario Parks, Tree Canada, Scouts Canada and more, we've had the opportunity to give back to Canadian habitats while we pursue creating the highest quality and best looking gear for outdoor enthusiasts.

Are you ready to experience a cooler adventure?



My husband and I each grew up loving and respecting the outdoors. When we became a family, we created our own tradition of regularly visiting our beloved Algonquin Park in Northern Ontario. The kids have their go-to spots, we have our favourite hikes, campgrounds and treasured rustic resorts that seem to transport you back in time. Throughout our travels, we keep a mental list of all the Canadian and Provincial Parks we've visited, and a bucket list of ones we dream of seeing.

Our love of protected Parks, the outdoors, and easy access to clean water fuels our desire to fiercely protect them all. We have never been a “buy and toss” family - reusing and recycling are natural habits for us and our children - and efforts to stop the cycle of plastic pollution was a driving force behind developing our business.

Chilly Moose gear is designed to last as long as you do. Purchasing reusable drinkware is one small but impactful act you can make to help combat the world’s dependency on single-use plastics. You can help reduce your impact on our fragile planet by reusing our products for a lifetime.

We are committed to teaching our children responsible living, as well as leaving them a planet with clean, fresh water and protected untouched environments. Chilly Moose is honoured to partner with organizations such as Ontario Parks and Scouts Canada, to help continue their efforts in protecting important Canadian eco-systems and educating future generations.

On behalf of Chilly Moose, thank you for your support and for being part of the change!


- Kristi & Paul Greco, Founders

Kristi and Paul