The Chilly Wine Icicle disassembled on a cutting board beside a bottle of white wine.
Chilly Wine Icicle
White wine being poured into a glass using the Chilly Wine Icicle.
Diagram showing the benefits of the Chilly Wine Icicle.

Chilly Wine Icicle

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The Chilly Wine Icicle and Aerator will keep your whites and rosés crisp, cold and ready to serve without watering them down. 

Chill the stainless steel icicle in your freezer for at least 60-minutes, then attach the twist-on spout and place in the wine bottle. The spout includes a rubber stopper and is perfectly tapered to prevent dripping while you pour your favourite vintage. Salut!                                                          


Dimensions For Chilly Moose Chilly Wine Icicle





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