14oz Brent Insulator & Tumbler in Woodland on a dock

5 Ways to Use Your Brent Insulator & Tumbler

The best ways to use our best selling Brent Insulator and Tumbler and some of our favourite drink recipes.

The Chilly Moose Brent is Canada's most versatile vacuum insulated stainless steel tumbler, bottle insulator and can insulator. Hard seltzer, hand crafted cocktails, beers of all sizes or a canned vino, the Brent Insulator is the perfect fit.

1. Standard 12oz Long Neck Bottle

Fits your Standard 12oz Long Neck bottle perfectly to keep it cold to the last sip. 


2. Standard 12oz Can

Toss in your Brent Ice Puck (included with purchase), then put in your favourite standard 12oz Can, twist the lid on to secure the can and enjoy!


3. Standard "tall boy" Can

For those long warm evenings when you want a large cold drink use your Brent for a tall boy.  

4. As a Tumbler for your favourite mixed drinks

Not feeling any pre-made drinks? No problem - mix up your favorite bevvies in your Brent Quad. Simply mix the drink, twist and sip. 

Tip: Pre-mix a large batch in our 64oz Portage Canteen for fast and easy refills.

5. Slim Can

For those long warm evenings when you want to crack open an ice cold hard seltzer, you can use your Brent to keep your hands dry from condensation and keep your drink ice cold.  

 For those long warm evenings when you want a large cold drink use your Brent for a tall boy or slim can.  



Classic Recipes


Classic Screw Driver 

- 1oz Vodka - our favourite to use is Georgian Bay Vodka

- 3oz Orange Juice 

Garnish with a slice of orange


Rosé Sangria 

- 1 bottle rosé wine

- 2oz Peach schnapps

- 1/2 cup peach juice

- 1 cup carbonated water

Cut up fresh peaches and raspberries to toss in and use as garnish. 

Pro tip: Freeze the cut up peaches and raspberries to keep your drink extra cold without watering it down.  

Whether it's during the heat of the summer or those delightfully warm days that surprise us in the spring and fall, premium Brent insulators are an outdoor staple.  Even if you have the best Chilly Moose cooler packed with ice, drinks will start to sweat as soon as you grab a fresh one. The Brent insulator keeps things ice-cold for even longer, saving you from dreaded warm beers and acting as a sweat-proof drink holders all the while.
The Chilly Moose Brent double-walled vacuum insulator is an excellent choice. Today there are countless types of insulators, but the Chilly moose Brent is by far the most versatile.