7 Things to do in Self Isolation to stay Sane

7 Things to do in Self Isolation to stay Sane

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Staying at home and doing nothing but relaxing and watching T.V. sounds amazing right? Until day 5 when boredom slowly starts to creep in but what can you do? Now that most of us are working from home and social distancing we know that it can be hard to get motivated, so we are here to help.

Now grab your coffee, in your Chilly Moose mug of course -- sit back, relax and read 7 things to do in self isolation. 


1. Clear your 'Watch List'

Desktop computer showing an online streaming service, on a desk facing a window.I am sure this is #1 on everyone's to-do list while in self isolation. Now is the perfect time to watch all those binge-worthy series you added to your watch list but didn't have time to watch. Grab some snacks, put your feet up and watch the entire Gilmore Girls series if you want. Don't worry we won't judge, we're doing the same!


2. Get moving

A woman sitting cross legged and meditating.After a few days of binge watching the latest Netflix series it can be hard to find the motivation to work out. There are lots of great exercises you can do that are both simple but beneficial and can easily be found with a quick YouTube search since so many more people are getting into making free DIY and work from home videos to share. If YouTube tutorials aren't your thing we found a free 5 week at home workout plan offered by Heidi Somers on her website. 






3. Journal

A set of notebooks with pencils lying across the top notebook.Never kept in a journal before? No need to worry because there are lots of guided journals out there to help you get started. Taking time each day to journal can help us to relax, reflect, and grow. In this unimaginable time it can be easy to only see the negativity but some companies like The Happiness Planner are offering free downloads on some of their popular journals to help you see the positivity that still exists and that you can create. Start journaling today with either with their free Gratitude Journal or Resilience Journal.


4. Read

An open book laid out beside a pair of reading glasses and a coffee. Who remembers the time when you would go browse the bookstore for a couple of hours and buy the new must read books, only for them to end up on your bookshelf unread - if your like me you probably have many. What better time than now to dust them off and crack them open. Enlist your friends to start an online book club or create a group chat to discuss them. If they don't own the same book no problem! You can download almost all books in an e-book online. 



5. Cook

An assortment of vegetables cut up on a cutting board.Remember all those recipes you pinned that you told yourself “ill make this next week”? Well this is your week, time to dig up those recipes and get cooking. If you are self-isolating with family, significant other or roommate then this can be a great activity to do together. If Pinterest isn’t your thing, try and recreate your favourite meal from your favourite restaurant or check out Tasty by Buzzfeed for tasty recipes. Don't forget the dessert - its the best part.


 6. Spring clean

This house was clean yesterday - we're sorry you missed it written out on a message board.Now that spring has officially arrived and you are stuck at home what better time to spring clean your house. Need a little motivation? Watch 'Tidying up with Marie Kondo' during your Netflix binge. Now we aren't saying rip apart your entire house in one day, this doesn't even have to be a big project, you can just pick one closet, room or shelf per day. Take it one small step at a time and before you know it you may find your surroundings looking like a modelled home.


7. Pamper yourself

A cup of tea with a slice of lemon in front of a jar of body scrub. Take the extra time to pamper yourself. It can be difficult to set time aside in your daily life to dedicate time to treat yourself and focus on you, especially if you have others who rely on you. Take some time to worry about you whether that be drinking a cup of tea while listening to your favourite playlist, taking a bath relaxing bath with your favourite bath bomb or adding a face mask into your evening skin routine while relaxing to the scent of your favourite candle. Whatever relaxes you 



Lastly, our team members at Chilly Moose want to thank you for your effort to help keep those around you safe, we know it is a difficult time for everyone but know we are all in this together. We will come out of this and when we do, Adventure Awaits.