Two Schomberg fire trucks at the scene of a building on fire.

A Devastating Fire In Schomberg - How The Community Came Together

Monday morning, December 9th, Schomberg woke up to a blazing industrial fire, evacuating our company and other small businesses within a half-kilometer radius. Crews were called to Aerospace Metal Finishing and BC Instruments on Proctor Road at around 5:00am. Thankfully, no one was injured.

Schomberg fire truck at the scene of a building on fire.

Approximately 45 Firefighters were on scene to help control the fire.  

It's times like these that showcase how a community can work together to provide help and resources to smooth the recovery of tragic events. 

Local family's of the Firefighter's posted in the community Facebook group asking for food/monetary donations in support of the crew responding to the fire. The Firefighters work indefinetly without a break until the fire is contained and under control. This means they go incredibly long periods of time without food or water. 

The Schomberg community was extremely generous raising over $1000 in the first 2 hours with food donations from companies and individuals.


An assortment of food donated to the firefighters.


This shows not even half of the food that was cooked, prepared and donated. The remainder of the donations went towards the local Fire Department support fund. 

A huge thank you to the Firefighters, the volunteers, emergency services, and Schomberg. It's truly a special community.