Get Summer & Long Weekend Ready With Chilly Moose

Get Summer & Long Weekend Ready With Chilly Moose

Summer is right around the corner, which means long weekends away, as well as summer holidays! We here at Chilly Moose are preparing to help you have a great time this summer with your family and friends by not only continuing to offer the best Chilly Moose coolers, outdoor drinkware, and gear, but also by continuing to bring you more top-rated products to make your adventures sizzle. Shop with us today!

Pack Like A Pro

One of the keys to a grand weekend away is to pack like a pro, meaning have everything you need to enjoy your time away without forgetting the essentials. The first step is to have the best outdoor coolers, which are, of course, the Chilly Moose Ice Box. Beyond that, you need to pack and maintain your coolers throughout your trip. We recommend the following best practices:

  • Pre-chill your Chilly Ice Box before packing. Throw in your ice about one hour before you pack it. Also, pack chilled food and drinks for the best results.
  • Use solid ice cubes and ice packs. The more ice you use, the less warm air is in the cooler, so be sure to pack your ice all the way to the top! Check out our Chilly Ice Rocks - Reusable Ice Cubes for a sustainable solution.
  • Load your food and drink first and your ice last for maximum ice retention.
  • Keep your Chilly Moose cooler in the shade for longer-lasting ice.
  • Keep the lid closed to mitigate the amount of warm air let in.
  • Clean your Chilly Ice Box with mild soap and warm water. Store thoroughly dried to ensure no mold growth.

Summer Road Trip Essentials

Road trips are what memories are made of, and undoubtedly, you'll have memories to enjoy for a lifetime. Some of our favourite summer road trips include:

  • A trip to Prince Edward Island National Park. You won't regret a trip to this national park that is full of breathtaking wonder provided courtesy of Mother Nature. From the beaches along the Gulf of St. Lawrence to the salt marshes and the array of birds and wildlife, you are sure to find sites full of delights.
  • Churchill, Manitoba. If you've always wanted to see the polar bears, summer is the time to do so. In this self-described "Polar Bear Capital of the World," you'll see boreal forests, tundra, caribou, birds, beluga whales, and, of course, polar bears — breath-taking wonders you'll love! 
  • The Canadian Rockies. You can't go wrong with a road trip to the mountains. Visit any national park in the Canadian Rockies for outdoor adventures of hiking, cycling, horseback riding, and adventuring that will fill your soul.

Looking for the ultimate road trip game changer? The Moose Portable Fridge-Freezers keep your provisions reliably fresh and cold for as long as you need, without the hassle of ice. Available in two sizes, these durable, easy to use Fridge-Freezers will enhance all your outdoor adventures.

Campfire Cocktail & Mocktail Recipes

One of the best traditions of camping and being outdoors is enjoying a campfire. So many amazing ideas, conversations, and great times have come from sitting around a campfire, making S'mores, and just enjoying the company of family and friends. In addition to the comfort and calmness of the campfire, you want to enjoy a great campfire cocktail or mocktail. Here are a few of our favourites:

  • French lemonade wine spritzer. This easy-to-make cocktail simply involves wine and sparkling lemonade. Of course, it tastes best when chilled, so be sure you bring along our Happy Hour Companion Gift Set to insulate your wine and keep it at the perfect temperature throughout the night.
  • Coconut water mojito mocktail. Coconut water adds a great taste to this classic mocktail. Simply mix coconut water with lime juice or lime syrup, add a few mint leaves, and garnish with a lime wedge.  Drinking it from our 14oz Brent Insulator & Tumbler will ensure it stays cool and refreshing all night long.
  • Pina colada (virgin or alcoholic). Pina coladas are not just for beach vacations; they also make great camping drinks. All you need is pineapple juice, coconut milk, sugar, cream, and ice. Blend or mix together and enjoy!

An Adventurous Spirit

The best part about long weekends away during the Canadian summers is cultivating your adventurous spirit. All you need is the desire to explore, visit new places, and experience new sights and sounds. Here in Canada, that's all you need, for truly around every corner awaits a delight you'd never expect. From the gorgeous sunrises, the extremely long summer nights, and fresh air with every breath, you will be renewed, reawakened, and reinvigorated for living.

Chilly Moose helps support your adventurous spirit with our top-rated outdoor drinkware, Chilly Moose coolers, fridge-freezers, gear, and so much more. Shop today!


Chilly Moose is passionate about offering the best high-performance outdoor gear. We love being outdoors and are dedicated to respecting and protecting our environment and natural areas. Our mission to offer reusable drinkware, Chilly Moose coolers that will last for years, and gear to boot will allow you to enjoy your long weekends away in style and ease. When you shop our products, you are supporting our effort to give back to our communities and our world so that all can enjoy everything Mother Nature offers. Shop today!

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