How Durable Are Chilly Moose Coolers?  Lets Find Out

How Durable Are Chilly Moose Coolers? Lets Find Out

The question is, ‘How durable are Chilly Moose Coolers?

We have put our Chilly Moose Coolers to the test. Driving Super Duty 4x4 trucks on top of our Chilly Moose Coolers, throwing our Chilly Moose Ice Box from 20 feet in the air onto an asphalt driveway, having our Chilly Moose Coolers pummeled by some of the most fierce rapids in Ontario, our Chilly Moose Ice boxes are nearly indestructible.

The main benefit of Chilly Moose coolers over other types of coolers is the insulation and unibody design. Chilly Moose coolers have thick walls and a tight-fitting lid that creates an near airtight seal. The unibody hard-shell design gives the cooler structural rigidity and toughness found in no other coolers.

In addition to their superior insulation, Chilly Moose coolers are also incredibly tough and durable. This means your food and drinks will stay cold for days on end – even in the hottest temperatures. They can withstand any type of terrain or weather condition you might encounter while camping, fishing, or just enjoying a day outdoors with friends and family.

How durable are Chilly Moose Coolers? I can count on one hand the things your Chilly Moose can’t survive.

Nuclear Explosions
Entering The Earths Atmosphere From Space

A Few Customer Reviews On How Durable Chilly Moose Coolers Are For Them

I picked up my Chilly Moose cooler back in June of 2020. Probably one of the best decisions I ever made! There's never been a time where I've grabbed something out of it that wasn't cold. It has traveled with me thousands of kilometers to the far north, been dumped off a moving truck, and used as a step countless times and is still in PERFECT condition. Big fan. Thanks for the awesome product and having a cooler Canada can call their own!

Jesse V., 5-Star Review

Nothing but good things to say about this cooler! We packed it with block ice along the bottom put our food in it and 5 days after a very hot holiday ( and even leaving the cooler in the car some
days ) we still had ice in the bottoms when we got home! Way way better than other coolers we have owned! Love that it’s Canadian and awesome!

Kym, 5-Star Review

Our chilly moose was the best cooler we have purchased it has been on many road trip across Alberta and British Columbia. Apparently a bear loved it just as much as we did because he sure thought he needed to get into it. Think it’s covered by warranty lol will purchase another for sure


Chuck, 5-Star Review