How I use my Chilly Moose products!

How I use my Chilly Moose products!

Chilly Moose products get used every day in my household. From packing for the cottage to my daily coffee. It is rare to see a sink full of dishes without the logo visible somewhere in there.

We have a 55L Blaze Orange Ice Box that suits our needs for packing the essentials for our family cottage getaways, it keeps all the food at the perfect temperature from fridge to fridge.

Whenever I go to a gathering such as a bon fire I always bring one of my 25L Ice Boxes full of drinks and ice. I never experience anything less than a perfectly chilled beverage, it's also a bonus that it doubles as a seat. The quality is excellent, I have so much confidence in the durability of the products and we definitely don’t worry about handling them with care.

My brother took his Whitney bottle out to BC and Alberta last summer as a tree planter, as you can see by the photos it was not well taken care of. The bottle felt the full wrath of the outdoor world, including being temporarily lost in the woods for a while. Even after all that, it functions just like new.

I use the Killarney Tumbler literally every single day for my daily dose(s) of caffeine, and it seems no matter how many hours I leave it for I still enjoy a hot beverage with every sip.

Though I may be biased, I can't see myself not using one in  the foreseeable future.