King Of Coolers

King Of Coolers

What makes a Chilly Moose cooler better than a low cost disposable cooler?  The simple answer is our design.   Chilly Moose coolers are rotomolded.  Rotomolding manufacturing is the same process that is utilized in manufacturing nearly indestructible kayaks.   Lets walk through the process.

Rotational Molding involves a heated mold which is filled with a polyethylene (PE) pellets and dye for coloring.  It is then slowly rotated (usually around two perpendicular axes), causing the polyethylene to soften, spread and stick to the walls of the mold forming a hollow part. In order to form an even thickness throughout the part, the mold rotates at all times during the heating phase, and then continues to rotate during the cooling phase to avoid sagging or deformation. This process takes approximate 30 minutes and is much slower than plastic injection which is used for low cost coolers. After the plastics are cooled, they are removed from the mold.  Next the shell of the cooler is placed inside another mold where high density foam insulation is injected into the gap (void) of the rotomolded body of the cooler.

Bear Proof Cooler

Grizzly Bear vs Chilly Moose 25L Ice Box

After the foam is injected into the rotomolded cooler body, the hardware is added to the cooler. Chilly Moose uses premium and rugged hardware such as 304 stainless steel pins, bottle openers and locking systems and axles where applicable.
After the hardware is added to the premium rotomolded cooler, it is sent to polishing and quality control inspection.  After it passes inspection, the rotomolded cooler is packaged.

The advantages to a Chilly Moose premium rotomolded cooler are the following:

  1. -Rotomolded manufacturing makes the cooler nearly indestructible
  2. -Thick high density insulation for long ice retention
  3. -Animal resistant latches (and locking systems on some models)
  4. -High density think polyethylene plastic construction
  5. -High density freezer style gaskets
  6. -Large capacities available
  7. -One piece construction (no joints other than the lid)

With rotomold high performance design and construction, you can rest assured your Chilly Moose Ice Box will see you through all your outdoor adventures and beyond.

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