Lunch Box Or Day Cooler?   Why Not Both?

Lunch Box Or Day Cooler? Why Not Both?

Whether you’re headed to the beach, heading to the cottage, tailgating before your favorite sporting event, or camping in the wild, keeping your food and drinks cold is absolutely key.

The best lunch box and day cooler require decent capacity and good ice retention.  This is where the Chilly Moose 12L Harbour Bucket outperforms anything else on the market.

Everyone eats lunch, and if you’re looking to eat healthy or save some money, you’re probably packing your own lunches during the work week.  Unfortunately, paper bags are boring, weak, and they wont keep your lunch items cold or hot in preparation for eating when lunch time rolls around.  These disposable options also aren’t terribly eco-friendly.

Construction workers require a lunch cooler that is rugged and keeps meal fresh for long hours.  With a 12L capacity, this lunch bucket can hold up to 14 cans, or 8.5 pounds of ice, with an ice retention up to 80 hours. The Chilly Moose Ice Bucket, also makes the perfect seat during the lunch hour.  Don't worry, it wont buckle under the stress when the big guy decides to sit on it as its capable of holding more than 300 pounds.

The Chilly Moose 12L Bucket is nearly indestructible with its rotomolded construction.  Unlike lunch bags or soft coolers, the Chilly Moose 12L Bucket will last for years thanks to its leak resistant design, its sturdy latch, rugged shoulder strap, recessed freezer type gasket seal and high-grade foam insulation.  The Chilly Moose 12L bucket is perfect for day trips to the river or on the job site. 

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