Chilly Moose Staff Picks - Making Your Christmas Shopping Easy

Chilly Moose Staff Picks - Making Your Christmas Shopping Easy

We understand how hard it is browsing a store and getting overwhelmed at all the options. You may compare the benefits over and over until your left stressed and eventually enervated. As the Chilly Moose team works closely with all products, here's your chance to get the inside scoop on some of our staff favourites. You can trust us, we know the products better than anyone!



As creative director, a piece of me is literally seen and felt in every product we have. So picking favourite products is like trying to choose a favourite child. 


55L Ice Box

The best family cooler ever! We used it all summer long - the miracle moment for me came when the ice cream was still frozen after being in a hot car for 10 hours, just with freezer packs (no ice cubes). And with the wheel kit on there our kids are able to help with the transporting too.

Children standing on a Southampton 25L and Forest 55L Chilly Ice Box at the kitchen counter.
55L Forest Chilly Ice Box on a boat.



Whitney Canteen - Birch 

I use this water bottle every single day, for hot and cold. Love the extra-wide mouth so I can easily add ice cubes or lemon wedges. Also it doesn’t leak, even upside-down in my gym bag! 

Birch Whitney Canteen in front of a pinetree.


Wine Icicle

Win extra cool points by taking this as a hosting gift to your next party. Everyone ends up asking about it and wanting one. Keeps our rose and whites perfectly chilled, ideal when you have a bottle outside on a warm summer night.

The Chilly Wine Icicle disassembled on a cutting board beside a bottle of white wine.


Ski Bunny Toque

Just love it!! So cozy and goes with everything.

Three Ski Bunny Toques in the snow.


Little Joe Flask

I love these little flasks, and love them even more on my tree. Also they are named after a very special lake in Algonquin Park that we visit every summer.

Triple Shot Little Joe Flask set on a wooden display board.




75L Portage Ice Box

Fantastic cooler, whether I take it to a bonfire, fishing, hunting, family events always keeps everything cold, and I don't have to worry about it. Easy to transport.

75L Portage Chilly Ice Box outside sitting in the snow.

Portage Canteen Navy

Carry it with me all day, holds enough water for me to stay hydrated without having to constantly refill. Keeps my drink cold or warm all day long. Great for workdays and weekend excursions.

Woodland, Forest, Birch, and Navy Portage Canteens  lined up on a wooden railing.

Whitney Canteen Navy

I use this piece of drinkware to sub in for the Portage Canteen when I am trying to pack a bit lighter, or I know for sure that I am only going on a short trip. Works great keeping stuff warm and cold, great for workdays, and weekend excursions.

Navy Whitney Canteen in front of a Pine tree.



Stainless Steel Straw Set

Perfect for all beverages including smoothies and bubble tea. Also comes with 2 cleaning brushes making them super easy to clean!

Set of Chilly Moose reusable straws.

Wellington Bottle

Perfect to store my wine when going to parties and keeps it from freezing if I ever forget it in the car.

Woodland, Forest, Birch, and Navy Wellington Bottles lined up on a wooden railing.



Perfect for keeping my white wine chilled and my red wine warm. I use it when I have parties and always get compliments!





Killarney Tumbler

Its large capacity carry's enough coffee to last me all day, and I can leave it for hours and it will still be hot. The clear sliding lid is also convenient and easy to use.

Little Joe Flask


Love the colors on these. Perfect disguise as an ornament so i can get some sneaky drinks in.

All three Little Joe Flasks placed on a Christmas Tree as ordainments.

Antler Ice Box

Not only does this cooler provide everything you could ask for in a cooler, I've owned a lot of camo products and the decal on the ice box is very high quality and realistic.

Antler Ice Box sitting on a rock in a river.

We hope this takes away some of the stress and helps you decide on which product to purchase. We can guarantee you'll be left satisfied with whichever item on this list (not to put down all our other products, they're great options too!).