The Impact Of Single-Use Plastic

The Impact Of Single-Use Plastic

It can seem like everywhere you turn, you encounter plastic of some kind, and, increasingly, single-use plastics. These are plastics that are designed to be used one time, and then they end up in your local landfill to eventually decompose over hundreds of years. Chilly Moose is a Canadian company that offers high-performance coolers, insulated drinkware, and gear for the outdoor enthusiast.

Learn about the impact of single-use plastics and how we are helping to reduce its significance. Check out our best-selling coolers and drinkware today!

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Increases the Emission of Greenhouse Gasses

Since fossil fuels are used to produce plastics, with so many single-use plastics being produced, this is emitting large amounts of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere every year. It is estimated that this is about 12.5 to 13.5 million metric tons of carbon dioxide.


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Clogs Landfills

Single-use plastics clog landfills, leading to an increase in landfill size, as well as an increase in methane emissions, which are the gasses emitted as these substances decompose, impacting the weather on earth known as the Greenhouse Effect.



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Harms Wildlife

Every year, a countless number of wildlife are killed due to ingested plastic. This toll is especially heavy on marine life, as much of the plastic ends up in waterways and oceans. From seabirds and fish to turtles and whales, many are found with some sort of plastic inside their stomachs. Many also die from entanglement or starvation if they are unable to eat due to some sort of constriction.


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Creates Ocean and Marine Trash

Single use plastics are the primary contributor to trash found in our oceans, lakes and inland waterways. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, located between Hawaii and California, is the largest accumulation of ocean plastic waste in the world. The environmental consequences of this waste is far too great to estimate. There are on-going clean up projects, however the recent surge of single-use PPE waste is greatly inhibiting efforts.



Chilly Moose x Sustainability Action

One of our core values is respecting and honouring Canada's natural habitats. We are proud to partner with organizations such as Scouts Canada and Ontario Parks to help support their sustainability efforts.

Our on-going commitment to the Ontario Parks Turtle Protection Program helps provide vulnerable native turtle species a safe and happy habitat within the busy provincial parks. Funds raised from the sale of limited edition Chilly Moose x Ontario Parks Turtle merch directly fund on-the-ground solutions such as nest coverings and culvert maintenance, as well as important research and educational projects.

Together with Scouts Canada, Scouts for Sustainability encourages Scouting Groups to take a stand for their planet by engaging in Climate Action activities in their communities. Chilly Moose is honoured to sponsor this special initiative to help encourage and educate the next generation about taking climate action.

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