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Does every Chilly Moose cooler come with a tree?

Chilly Moose 25L Chilly Ice Box cooler with a tree planted inside

Well, sort of...

Our distribution partners at Georgian Bay Leisure Distribution Ltd. are extremely proud to partner with Tree Canada in support of the National Greening Program.

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The National Greening Program is mass seedling plantings across Canada, where there is a need for reforestation or afforestation. In addition to the restoration of forests and wildlife habitat, trees planted through the program contribute to cleaner air, cleaner soil and cleaner waterways.

For every 25L or 35L Chilly Moose cooler sold in Canada, Georgian Bay Leisure will donate one tree for planting. For every 55L or 75L Chilly Moose cooler sold, two trees will be planted. As an added touch, the trees will be planted in the same region of Canada where each cooler is sold.

While your Chilly Moose won't actually have a tree in it, you can be proud that your purchase helps support healthy forests in Canada.


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