Pick a durable and high performing cooler for your next outdoor adventure. Keep all your food and drinks fresh with a trustworthy cooler built for the Canadian outdoors. Coolers Built for the Canadian Outdoors Whether you are trekking through rough Canadian mountain sides, swinging by the beach for a bonfire or wherever your next adventure ventures you to— easily and conveniently carry with you all the food and drink you’ll need while maintaining its freshness. Get a quality rotomolded cooler with supreme ice retention and easy transport, specifically built for the Canadian outdoors. Here are the top products from the iconic Chilly Moose collection that will make your next outdoor trip the most refreshing one yet. Rotomolded Cooler Products How can you tell a quality cooler above the rest? First is performance. A cooler has to maintain coolness, at the very least. The next big ticket item is the overall usability. A cooler isn’t meant to be a static indoor fridge, but a stress-free and easily transportable device. With these factors in mind, you want to make sure you’re getting the highest quality for the price you pay. Chilly Moose Ice Boxes are engineered granite tough to maximize ice retention. On-the-Go Ice Buckets The best coolers have ice retention technology including foam pressure-injected insulated walls. This dense foam contains small air bubbles that fill up all the air gaps for complete insulation all around. This type of insulation makes this cooler rock solid and so strong; suitable for use in any kind of condition. The 35L Chilly Ice Box Wheeled Explorer is a powerful heavy-duty ice box. rotomolded into a durable and sturdy cube. This is the perfect item to carry for a weekend trip, fitting up to 51 cans and retaining ice for up to 3-5 days. This cooler comes with durable wheels designed for rugged terrain, a retractable telescopic handle, two built in bottle openers, and a quick drain release valve. If you are looking for the same durability and quality but built for more capacity, check out the 55L Chilly Ice Box which fits up to 64 cans and over 45 pounds of ice. The next size up is the 75L Chilly Ice Box which fits up to 90 cans and over 65 pounds of ice. These are the perfect products for all your hunting, camping, fishing, and boating trips. Portable Fridge-Freezer The portable fridge freezers keep you away from the hassle of melting ice with compressor cooling technology built for the outdoors. This is the best choice for longer trips and even van life. With portable fridge-freezers, you want to find one that is well constructed and withstand harsh environments. This example ranges between 10℃ and -18℃ and is compatible with almost all onboard power supplies including 110V plug, 12V carport and solar panel. Choose Chilly Moose for Your Next Adventure! Find the best cooler for all your outdoor adventures. Stay connected to nature and be present by letting your best cooler take care of the things you don’t need to worry about. With the Chilly Moose coolers, you can be rest assured that you are getting the most quality rotomolded cooler out of your buck.