80L Big Buck - Dual Zone Portable Fridge-Freezer

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ONLINE EXCLUSIVE -- Our biggest portable refrigerated cooler at 2.8 cubic feet (80L). Double doors for double duty - keep one side cool and the other side freezing. Using the same energy consumption as a car navigation system, this is one of the most energy-efficient units on the market today.

  • Heavy-duty latches
  • Extra large side vent for increased heat dissipation
  • Reaches -18C in 45 minutes


 Certification CE      UL
DC 12V/24V
AC  110 V
90W or 7.5 amps @ 12vdc
87.2CM x 51.6CM x 50CM
34.2 Inches x 20inches x 20inches
Temperature Range -18℃ - +10℃
Product name car chest freezer
Product shell material cold-rolled sheet
Refrigerant R134A/R600A
Foam vesicant C5H10/C-pentane
Noise ≤45dB
Applicaton Camping, outdoor, travel, car, 4WD, RV, caravan, truck



1 year parts, 1 Year Compressor

Effective August 24th, 2020

Please note: The right zone must always be set to an equal or cooler temperature than the left zone. If the right zone is warmer than the left, the set temperature will automatically adjust to equal both zones.


**The right zone is the "Cold Zone". Set the temperature of the right zone first. The control panel will allow the left zone to be set to any temperature equal to or warmer than the right, but will not allow it to be set colder than the right. 





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